Are you having a Party at your house or outside location? Would you like to have snacks available for your guest after your wedding reception? Are you or your club\school holding a fundraiser?  Are you coordinating an event? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions you need one of our trucks there to help take your party or event to the next level!!!!

If you would like more information on having any of our trucks at your event that would be open to the public please contact us at for more information!!

If you are looking to rent the truck for a private event the price is listed below with what is included in the rental price. Please email for more information!!

1.  Price is $1500 for the first 4 hours of your event for any one of our food trucks. This $1500 includes up to $1500 worth of food and drinks from our regular truck menu charged at the normal prices. For every hour after the first 4 hours it is billable at $125 an hour which will also include up to that much in food and beverage. If within the first 4 hours that $1500 has been exceeded it will be billed to the host at the end of the event along with any additional hours over the 4 hours.

2.  We can bring the truck to your event bill at the same prices as above but instead of you the host paying for any additional cost, we can bill the guest once the $1500 has been exceeded.  So if a guest comes to order any food after the $1500 has been used up the guest will pay the full amount of the item they will be ordering at that time.   Another option for this would be your $1500 will cover up to $5 or whatever amount you would like for the guest towards food and the guest would pay the difference of their order.

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